Pair Vintage Art Deco Biedermeier Armchairs in Birdseye Maple


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We are very pleased to provide this wonderful pair of stunning vintage Art Deco style armchairs sprinkled with just a hint of the Biedermeier manner, manufactured in the late 20th Century.

These art deco style Beidermeier armchairs are veneered in the most amazing birdseye maple and have been reupholstered in a plush burgundy damask fabric.

You cannot mistake their unique quality and design, which is certain to make them a talking point in your home. It is really unusual to find such a rich blend of Art Deco style luxury and Biedermeier style minimalism all rolled into one.


These art deco style Beidermeier armchairs are In excellent condition having been wonderfully restored and reupholstered in our workshops, please see photos for confirmation.

What dimensions are these art deco style Beidermeier armchairs?

Kindly ensure these beautiful art deco style Beidermeier armchairs will fit in the room you propose for them. In centimeters they have a height of 83 cm, a width of 68 cm and a depth of 66 cm. In feet and inches this equals to a height of 2 feet, 9 inches, a width of 2 feet, 3 inches and depth of 2 feet, 2 inches.

More about Beidermeier

Beidermeier is an artistic style that was popular in Central Europe from 1815 (the year of the Congress of Vienna which took place at the end of the Napoleonic Wars) to 1848 when the Continent was swept by a number of popular revolutions that in turn changed the aesthetic of the time.The term is chiefly used to denote styles that blossomed in literature an music, interior design and the visual arts. Based on utilitarian principles, it was a especially popular type of furniture design in Germany between 1815 and 1848, but it then spread into Austria and Scandinavia.

The Beidermeier style was a simplification of the influential French Empire style of Napoleon I and the original design ethic was one of clean lines and minimal ornamentation. This was a reaction against what was considered to be over ornamental ‘Romaticism’ and the heavy reliance on ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman designs. However, as the period advanced, the style changed to incorporate embellishment, as the rising middle classes in Europe sought to show off their increasing wealth and position. In keeping with its emphasis on utilitarian simplicity, the furniture was made from locally grown woods such as cherry, ash and oak steering clear of the expensive timbers such as imported mahogany.

The Vienna Applied Arts Museum presented an exhibition on the style in 1896 which led to a resurrection of Beidermeier amongst European cabinetmakers. The style remained prominent until Art Deco grabbed the scene. Beidermeier also inspired the Bauhaus movement as they both subscribed to the concept of ‘being true to the material’.

Birdseye Maple

This occurs mainly in Sugar Maple and is a very hard wood with a divergent grain structure caused by the presence of the Birdseyes. The divergent grain that makes Birdseye Maple beautiful also makes it difficult to work. Early carpentry machines ran at low revs per minute and had only two knives per cutting head. This often resulted in Birdseye surfaces that were damaged and ripped. It took many hours of hand planing and scraping to get these surfaces to a high gloss.

Because of this Birdseye maple was only be made use of by the most skilled and able cabinetmakers. These craftsmen created the tools and expertise to work and polish the Birdseye maple successfully, which as explained above was no mean accomplishment. As a consequence antique furniture made from Birdseye Maple is both rare and beautiful.

More Information and Viewing these Art Deco Style Beidermeier Armchairs

We are always pleased to show off our delightful art deco items, in our North London warehouse. Simply call or email to make an visit quoting reference 07909, and one of our specialists will be at your disposal to show you around and discuss these and any other pieces that you may like. Alternatively kindly feel free to talk about these art deco armchairs with us on the phone or by email.


We are delighted to be able to ship these art deco style Beidermeier armchairs to any destination around the world, please call for a quotation before ordering the product to make sure we can fully meet your requirements. We are pleased to ship free of charge to any mainland UK location.