Art Deco Console Table in Birdseye Maple

Very useful for confined spaces, this Art Deco console Table is in birdseye maple and is sure to find a delighted new owner before too long.

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Here we are looking at a beautiful birdseye maple Art Deco console table made in the popular and highly sought-after Art Deco style.

This very attractive yet totally practical and functional table features a striking central column which houses four useful drawers each with attractive chrome knobs that perfectly evoke the chic minimalism of the Art Deco style.

Birdseye maple is well known and admired for its delightful grain and the material used to make this table is truly breathtaking in terms of the quality and attention to detail which is on display throughout the piece. The workmanship and quality of finish are second to none.


This useful table is in excellent condition, please see the gallery of photographs for more detail or, better still, visit our north London warehouse and showroom where we have many Art Deco furniture and decorative items on display.


The table is very compact, measuring just 2ft 10 inches high x 3 feet 11 inches wide and 1foot 5 inches in depth. This table is ideal for a hallway or other area where space may be somewhat limited.


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